Planning Minister Proposes Beefed Up CBD

Well here’s the Ministers “big plan”.
Click for full size

He’s saying that the area above “could” be rezoned to CCZ and taller development streamlined through to create a 'Manhattan style' uber-CBD.

Notably, the area he’s highlighted is the area that’s already undergoing significant higher density redevelopment - at quite a pace. Understanding issues of population growth and the need to reduce sprawl on the fringe, there is also need for careful consideration of tower design, placement and other urban design issues. 

My bet is this is Mr Guy's attempt to cash in on an existing development trend by doing absolutely nothing whatsoever (I question whether he’ll do any actual rezoning), and simultaneously take pressure/focus off of all the middle-ring 'burbs full of angry NIMBY's who may actually cause him problems.

Questions remain - how does this fit into his new 'metro strategy'? Apart from old man Doyle, apparently no Councillor's and no Council planning departments had any idea this announcement was going to occur.

While lacking any real policy or content, the underlying gist of the announcement itself isn't too outrageous.  The Hoddle Grid is near maxed out, Melbourne's CBD is organically beginning to sprawl because Melbourne's growth is so strong. I'd agree there is a need to examine the orderly expansion of the CBD (and all that entails) itself. But it's a separate issue to the growth that needs to occur in the inner and middle ring suburbs.

Let's just hope Mr Guy doesn't think a beefed up 'Manhattan style' CBD will negate the need to develop Melbourne's activity centres. 


  1. what is happening with the metro strategy? There just appears to be lots of random ad hoc strategies....where is the vision for Melbourne?

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