Exhibition Road Re-Opens in UK, Looks Great

Exhibition Road, England, that runs from South Kensington to Hyde Park, has been re-opened as an amazing looking shared space. From the website:

Exhibition Road... is home to some of the most important visitor attractions in the country, a unique collection of cultural and educational institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College London. Since the Great Exhibition of 1851 Exhibition Road has been a major destination and now attracts over 11 million visitors each year.
Though used by millions of visitors, as well as students, local workers, and residents the public realm was filled with street clutter and vehicle traffic, it was confusing to visitors and unfriendly to pedestrians.
We have changed this unwelcoming road into a world class streetscape - a stunning public space that can be enjoyed by all.

Check out the slide show here.

It's an interesting little case study, given the work we are doing on Swanston Street in Melbourne - which is again making the news.


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