Involved in Designing for Active Places? NYC Has Got You Covered

From the ever studious NYC Department of Design and Construction comes the Active Design Guidelines. They are comprehensive, clearly presented and look at first glance to be pretty damn informative. Active design and planning is a bit of a trend in Australia lately, with good reason. We're getting pretty fat, obesity related diseases are rising and our sedentary lifestyles is really just becoming a bit of a drag. 

So, if your Council, consultancy, agency, whatever, is looking at Active Design, take a look:

It covers urban design strategies, building design strategies and discusses synergies between active design and sustainability. 

What really irks me about planning and design is the level of repetition when it comes to things like this. I wouldn't be surprised if every Council in 'straya put some money toward making their own bloody active design guidelines. As if the needs of one area to be active are that radically different from another in Australia, or even New York. 


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