Hotel Windsor Gets Final Go-Ahead, But Won't Go Ahead For a While

So the Windsor redevelopment is ready to roll, but won't be kicking off for another 18 months apparently. Easily the most controversial thing to happen in planning since Haussmann carved up Paris, the controversy arguably played a role in the downfall of the Brumby empire. But putting aside all the failure of proper process and politics, what do people think of the actual proposal? 

I think it looks alright, and sets a nice backdrop for the beautiful old building.

Feel free to disagree/discuss in the comments.

The Age has more details.


  1. If you (like me) found that pic a bit small, here's two massively bigger ones:

    To my uneducated eye, the short one on the corner looks nice, appropriate, unremarkable but attractive. The tall one looks a bit bland. Once it's up, it'll look like just another skyscraper. Meh.

    1. Thanks Steve! They are certainly much bigger!

      After looking at those I'm somewhat inclined to agree. Corner is nice, the backdrop is rather bland - i wonder if that's deliberate to not distract from the Windsor itself..


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