Where's the greenfield PT?

The Age's Adam Carey has this (fantastically titled) article in Domain: "Epping hell: estate residents 'betrayed' by promises".

The crux of the story is that Aurora, VicUrban's flagship attempt at sustainable greenfield development, was meant to have a whole bunch of bus stops. Which it now does. The problem is, buses don't stop there, they just...exist. The Department of Transport are blaming VicUrban for not checking with them, VicUrban say they did, residents just wish they had some buses.

Even if there was a bus stop '400m of every house' that actually had services running, you reckon people would be using it? Or would they be getting in their cars anyway?

Meanwhile, remember those train lines that were going to go through Aurora? To make it actually somewhat sustainable and not entirely car based? Yea? Well:

But the plan to extend the rail line was frozen under Labor and the Baillieu government has said it has no plan to build it either. ''The government does not plan to extend the rail network to Epping North at this time,'' Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder told residents in August.
Epping hell indeed.

Read the full article here. 


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