Where Will We Live In The Future?

This esoteric examination of where housing in western civilisation is heading comes from the Guardian. Thought provoking, even if a little all over the place.

Fournier believes the potential of tall buildings, such as those built against hillsides in Hong Kong, where access is not simply at ground level, represents a three dimensional approach that has yet to be fully explored, despite the fact that architects have been discussing the potential for many years. "We need to look at how high-density environments are created, where there might be access on the 42nd or the 100th floor. Three-dimensional, spatial urbanism hasn't really taken off yet, but it is something that is bound to happen.''

Although he points out that some architects argue that vertical living is more cost efficient and sustainable, it does involve greater spending on energy and materials. "It's a very challenging point, but the overall balance remains unclear and needs to be very carefully looked at.''
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