Copenhagen's Car-Free Streets and Slow-Speed Zones

Copenhagen's Car-free streets & Slow-speed zones from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

This is a great video from the consistently impressive StreetFilms. This time, we're looking once again at the street design of Copenhagen, the city by which it seems we measure all modern urban planning efforts by. They do seem to have some pretty impressive streets, with accompanying public spaces that all just 'work'. Jan Gehl makes a celebrity cameo.

Watch on. 


  1. Just the right speed, spacious streets and people giving way to each other - this is an ideal world, Rupert. :) If each and every one of us would practice this kind of living, traffic jams and accidents can be avoided. The Little Mermaid would be so proud to see this. :)

  2. I truly agree. And with that ideal road and traffic system, I’m pretty sure that everyone will save more time as they will arrive in their destinations without hassle and on time. Students who rely on school buses and employees who commute and use their cars are most likely to benefit from this.

  3. Not just Copenhagen, but other towns should also practice responsible driving. :) Thanks to Copenhagen, this will serve as an inspiration to other cities as well to enforce the same safety provisions. Responsibility is the most important trait for drivers, you know.


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