Population 7 Billion

The Atlantic brings this stunning photo set of our worlds booming population. Photos from around the world that are personal, natural, cities, roads, life, death, everything. Sometime around about now the population ticks over from 6,999,999,999 to 7,000,000,000 as one old dying person is replaced by slightly more than one screaming baby. Chances are, that baby will be born somewhere in China or India, as those two nations lead the procreation charge.

Should we ease up a little? Can Earth sustain more people? Can Earth sustain the current population?

It's worth noting that this growth is largely driven by developing nations. As nations achieve "first world" lifestyles and social orders, growth rates tend to invert (like Australia - we would be declining if not for immigration). Perhaps that means we will top out one day?

Anyway, just look at the pretty pictures already. 


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