VCAT Reintroduces Major Cases List, For a Price

In an attempt to speed up the often slow VCAT process, the Tribunal has brought back the Major Cases List that proved so popular it rapidly exhausted its own funding. Rather than waiting 40 weeks for your case to be heard, developers can now drop 3 grand, then 3 grand per day onward, to have it heard in under 18.

Will it be worth it for developers? You bet. Will it speed up VCAT? Probably, as they'll be able to afford more sessional members to hear more cases.

Understandably, some justice organisations are mildly concerned. The idea that paying more brings swifter justice is...not really what justice is about. In an ideal justice system, ones financial situation doesn't influence the outcome - but should it influence the speed at which that outcome is reached. I've no doubt the VCAT members will treat every case with objectivity, whether they are paying through the nose or not, but the ability to pay up and move up the queue does seem...dangerous.

How else could they have free'd up VCAT to process appeals quicker? Any ideas - post below.

Read the article at The Age here.


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