Solar Powered Boat Sails the World Using Only Renewable Energy - Wait...Hold On...We've Been Doing That for Hundreds of Years

Given that the shipping industry alone is apparently responsible for 4.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (that seems high to me), it’s a good thing someone is looking into alternatives. Much like the Solar Roadways idea, this is a working concept that is not yet commercially viable. From inhabitat:

The solar sucking ship cost around $26 million. This may seem hefty, but its reliance on solar power alone saves the vessel exponentially. The solar panels on PlanetSolar power two electric motors, which can reach 15 miles per hour. Combined with other renewable sources (wind) it could move even faster. The panels can also soak up enough stored energy to power the boat in cloudy weather for three whole days. The excess energy is stored in a giant lithium-ion battery.



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